Picking The Right Product For Island Countertops

An in-law suite is a set of rooms homeowners add to their house to serve as a separate residence for family members. These can be as simple as a separate master bedroom, but often they also contain a small kitchen. Families often choose this home addition for older family members rather than turning to a nursing home. Aging family members are not the only ones who can take advantage of these quarters. Older and adult children can use the rooms as a temporary residence as well.

These quarters add value to the home, but the price tag may be high. This is especially true for those adding an addition to their homes. Basements, garages, and even unused bedrooms can be combined to create the new quarters. Since the electric and plumbing may already run through these areas, the cost will be less. Sometimes, a family will rent the suite out when it is vacant to gain an extra income or assistance with the home's bills.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in an in-law suite, serving as both a sleeping and living area. The room should be large enough to comfortably hold a seating area for one or two people. If this will be the new residence for aging family members, common updates for older adults should be built into the original plans. This saves money on having updates done later on. Wider doorways can make the room more wheelchair accessible.

The Bathroom

A new bathroom can be added, or the design can be built around an existing and unused one, for example, in an already finished basement. For both new bathrooms and existing ones, updates can be made to suit the new resident. Walk in showers with railings tend to be easier for older adults to access. A higher toilet visit this site can make a huge difference in accommodating seniors as well.

The Kitchen

A family may choose to share the existing kitchen or add a private one on. A full kitchen is often not necessary, although it is an option. Instead, a kitchenette can be used. This would include a refrigerator, sink, microwave, and kitchen cabinets in the West learn this here now Bloomfield, MI home. Other things, like a dishwasher, can also be added for convenience.

These in law quarters provide privacy for both their residence and the family in the main house. They also comfort the family knowing the aging loved one is safe and nearby if anything goes wrong. In the event the quarters are rented out, they can give the family a passive income. An expert can help families plan the quarters to save the most money now while making the overall home value go up.

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